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A series of papers that treat various aspects of mathematics and computer science from a Christian perspective.

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"Is there a place then for 'a Biblical view of Mathematics'?" Emmanual College UK

Faw, Harold, "Does Scripture Support Standardized Tests," Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith  42 (June 1990): 86-93.

Geertsema, Jan C., "A Christian View of the Foundations of Statistics" Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 39.3:158-164 (9/1987)                                                                                                                   

Pennello, Gene, "A Statistical Test that Fails to Substantiate Decay in the Velocity of Light" Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith 45.2:116-119 (6/1993)

 Wade, Rick "Pascal: An Apologist for Our Times,"

The Issue of Biblical Codes  A treatment of the the idea that there are hidden message codes
in the Bible

Anderson, Kerby "Computers and the Information Revolution,:" 



  Blaise Pascal


Bibliography of Christianity and Mathematics

Mathematics and Christianity Resourcs