Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 45 Number 1    March 1993

Christians' Ecological Responsibility: A Theological Introduction and Challenge [HTML]          2    Stanton, Mark & Guernsey, Dennis Article
Cantor's Concept of Infinity: Implications of Infinity for Contingence [HTML]          8    Hedman, Bruce A., Rev. Article
The Cosmos According to Carl Sagan: Review and Critique [HTML]          18    McKim, Mark G., Rev. Article
Phillip Johnson on Trial: A Critique of His Critique of Darwin [HTML]          26    Murphy, Nancey Article
Censorship in Secular Science: The Mims Case [HTML]          37    Bergman, Jerry Communication
The Religion of the Blind Watchmaker [HTML]          46    Johnson, Phillip E. Communication
Two Kinds of Personhood: A Reply to Clifford Grobstein [HTML]          49    Fox, F. Earle Communication
Should Natural Science Include Revealed Truth? A Response to Plantinga [HTML]          57    Hasker, William Communication
On Lohr's Critique of Siemens [44.4, p. 281] [HTML]          68    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
On Siemens' 'More Problems With Flood Geology' [44.4, p. 281] [HTML]          69    Rust, Phillip F. Letter to the Editor
A Response to Wonderly [44.2] [HTML]          69    Phelps, F. M., IV Letter to the Editor
American Scientific Affiliation 1992 Annual Report          70    Dormer, Keneth J. & Herrmann, Robert L. Communication
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