Letter to the editor



On Siemens'
"More Problems with Flood Geology"

                            Phillip F. Rust, Ph.D.                              

2319 S. Lander Ln
Charleston, SC 29414


From: PSCF 45 (March 1993): 69.                                                        Response: Siemens

I read with considerable interest the article by Dr. David Siemens, "More Problems with Flood Geology," which appeared n the December 1992 issue of Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. Assuming that earthquakes were the mechanism employed by God to produce the changes in elevations described in Scripture, he has certainly offered a potent challenge to Dr. Morris and his supporters.

At the same time, I cannot help noticing that the ongoing debate on origins within the Christian community does not always take into consideration the current attack on Christianity coming from various segments of modern culture. In particular, our atheist colleagues are using the apparent conflict between science and the first eleven chapters of Genesis as a lever to discredit all Scripture, and as a result there are others who are remaining separated from Christ.

While the scenario proposed by Dr. Morris may have errors, he at least deserves credit for attempting to reconcile modern science with the Bible, and furthermore using as many relevant details within the Bible as he can. In contrast, most Christian intellectuals seems to be satisfied with mapping out a general correspondence between Scripture and science. Meanwhile, the opponents of Christ can be expected to target the details of Genesis whenever they deem it necessary to debunk the Bible. However meritorious his article may be, Dr. Siemens offers no difficulties for the atheist community. I for one am looking forward more eagerly to articles that improve the scenarios advanced by other believing scientists, than in ones which remain limited to the attacking mode.