Letter to the Editor


A Response to Wonderly

From: PSCF 45 (March 1993):69.

Just a quick comment in response to Daniel Wonderly in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, Vol 44:2.

I agree that we who love truth now must make a major effort to confront young earth creationist science (YECS) claims because of the damage being done worldwide. I myself was a victim of YECS who struggled unnecessarily with the implications of the fallacies of creation science while in graduate school. How many have rejected the faith altogether when shown the errors of YECS?

Now, as a missionary to Kazakhstan, when I order Russian language materials from the Slavic Gospel Association, I find that YECS works are being sold by SGA. I have nothing to give them to protest, unless I write my own letter, which will have no impact. Even in Kazakhstan this lunacy is spreading.

We need an ASA produced anti-YECS, but pro Christian pamphlet especially designed for distribution to our ignorant brothers. It needs to:

 1) be fairly short (perhaps a short one and a more detailed one are in order)

2) be signed by as many credible Christians in the sciences and respected evangelical theologians as possible (safety in numbers)

3) be devastating to YECS, yet written in a spirit of love4) offer the best Biblical alternative interpretations available.

I think you get the idea. We need to act, despite the fact that we will be misunderstood, attacked as compromisers, and that this "ministry" will be looked upon as destructive.

Dr. F. M. Phelps IV

290 Cedar Drive
Mt. Plesant, MI 48858