Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 45 Number 4    December 1993

Without a Memory (Guest Editorial) [HTML]          219    Russell, Colin Editorial
From the Editor [HTML]          221    Haas, J. W., Jr. Editorial
A Conceptual Model Relating Theology and Science: The Creation/Evolution Controversy as an Example of How they Should Not Interact [HTML]          222    Grizzle, Raymond E. Article
Radioactive Dating and American Evangelical Christians [HTML]          229    Yang, Seung-Hun Article
In Search of the Historical Adam: Part 1 [HTML]          241    Fischer, Dick Article
Metal Sources and Metallurgy in the Biblical World [HTML]          252    Yamauchi, Edwin Communication
Four Experiences in Overseas Teaching [HTML]          260    Spradley, Joseph L. Communication
The Chronicle of a Curious Hijacking [re. The Creationists by R. Numbers, Knopf, NY 1992] [HTML]          264    Kalthoff, Mark A. Review
The 'Strange Loop' of Complementarity [re. Loder & Neidhardt, 'The Knight's Move', Helmers & Howard, 1992] [HTML]          270    Bube, Richard H. Review
Book Reviews [HTML]    

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