Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 44 Number 2    June 1992

How Has Life and Its Diversity Been Produced? [HTML]          80    Rust, Peter [Ruest] Article
'Science Never Fails:' Popular Science & the Emergence of American Metaphysical Religion [HTML]          95    Hazen, Craig J. Article
Eugenics and the Development of Nazi Race Policy [HTML]          109    Bergman, Jerry Article
It's Time to Rejoin the Scientific Establishment [HTML]          124    McIntyre, John A. Article
Designer Explanations of Nature [HTML]          128    Ritchie, Peter & Martin, Brian Article
Fanciful Bible-Science Stories' Harm: A Call to Action [HTML]          131    Wonderly, Daniel E. Article
A Dream Journey into Understanding [HTML]          134    Don, Erica Letter to the Editor
The Game of Science: Reflections After Arguing with Some Rather Overwrought People [HTML]          137    Dickerson, Richard E. Communication
Scientific Gamesmanship [HTML]          138    Hearn, Walter R. Letter to the Editor
On Davis' 'Whale of a Tale' [43.4] [HTML]          147    Bergman, Jerry Letter to the Editor
On Snoke's 'Unified View of Science and Theology' [43.3] [HTML]          148    Siemens, David F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
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