Letter to the Editor



. . . Or Filled With Incisive Wisdom?

Bob Bergh

University of California, Riverside
Dept. of Botany & Plant Sciences
Riverside, CA 92521-0124

From: PSCF 43 (March 1991): 70.

The September 1990 "Word Maze" on Creation and Evolution is superb. From his decades of accumulated knowledge, Professor Bube has distilled incisive wisdom. Because of his (non-physical!) stature, surely this will encourage some of the misguided to investigate a little better; to think a little harder; to be led by the Spirit into a little deeper faith.

Thank you for encouraging some of us who are continually buffeted by extremists on both sides-some of us for whom Christ is powerfully the truth, as well as the way and the life.

I could write a book to document his conclusions. (Perhaps one day I will.) As it stands, Professor Bube's summary is-in my opinion-flawless.