Letter to the Editor


"Word Maze" Feedback

Martha Bailey 
[student, Golden Gate Seminary] 
2928 Magliouo Dr., Apt. 5 
San Jose, CA 95128 


From: PSCF 42 (September 1990): 200

You have requested feedback on the "Word Maze" feature. While I skimmed the first two, the column in the March 1990 issue caught my eye in particular. I am a student at Golden Gate Seminary, taking this semester, among other courses, Old Testament Theology, Introduction to Christian Ethics, and Lifespan Human
Development. Dr. Bube's discussion was a wonderful synthesis of material related to all three areas. I am sharing the article with two professors now, and may pull it out again later. Having grown up exposed to the Greek trichotomous view, putting humans back into unity is most helpful. An issue that Dr. Bube did not touch on, but which must relate, is whether certain conditions, formerly named as sin and now thought of as illness (ie. alcoholism) are spiritual or merely physical. In truth, they are both and cannot be separated any more than a human being can be divided and still be human. The import for ethics is incredible when the words of the Bible are so understood.   Needless to say, this was a valuable article. Keep up the good work! 


P.S. With my background in geophysics, I thoroughly enjoyed "William Buckland
in Retrospect"; doubly, since I took a class at the University of Calgary and
once lived near where the author resides.