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Christians & Creation Science

Abram Enns (B.Sc., B.Ed., B.Th.)
North American Creation Movement
1556 Arrow Road
Victoria, B.C., Canada V8N IC5

From: PSCF 41 (June 1989):128

In the article "What Christians Should Think About Creation Science" Kenneth Kemp has argued against much more than merely the "young-earth" position of certain creationists. By defining creation as that act by which the universe came into being, and by defining evolution as the dispersal of life on earth, he is able to adhere to both systems of thought.

But can we limit creation and evolution in this way? For the Christian, creation must surely include the fact that mankind is different from the animal world because of a separate act of creation. And the evolution theory is not content to be limited to a series of events after divine creation. In high school science textbooks the whole area of the origin of the universe and of man's role in the entire scheme of life on earth is dealt with. From this they also draw a value-system for mankind. We see then a whole world-view, a religion that is in opposition to Christianity.

We may not agree with the "young-earth" position of ICR and of the CRS, but we do need to give them credit for their leadership in counteracting secular humanism in our schools and churches.