Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 41 Number 1    March 1989

Search: Scientists Who Serve God [Ann Hunt] [HTML]          0    Hearn, Walter Article
Putting Things Into Perspective [HTML]          1    Bullock, Wilbur L. Editorial
Bringing Blessings Out of Adversity: God's Activity in the World [HTML]          2    Rice, Stanley Article
Crises of Conscience for Christians in Science [HTML]          11    Bube, Richard H. Article
Comforting Job in the ICU: Ethical Issues in High Technology Medicine [HTML]          20    Schiedermayer, David L. Article
On Cellular Automata and the Origin of Life [HTML]          26    Byl, John Article
The Functional Dependence of Reason on Faith in Theology and Science: An Epistemological Symmetry [HTML]          30    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
Science and Martyrdom [HTML]          33    Murphy, George L. Communication
Seeking Ancient Paths [HTML]          33    Armstrong, John R. Letter to the Editor
Franklin, Deist [HTML]          35    Seeger, Raymond J. Communication
Determinism, Chance, Free Will [HTML]          37    Bube, Richard H. Communication
Neglect of Geologic Data: Sedimentary Strata Compared with Young-          39    Phillips, Perry G. & Wonderly, Daniel E. (book) Review
Limits to Biotechnology [HTML]          63    Toombs, Christopher Letter to the Editor
Paluxy Mantracks Still Affirmed [HTML]          64    Hill, Carol A. Letter to the Editor
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