Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor



Paluxy Mantracks Still Affirmed

Carol A. Hill

From: PSCF 41 (March 1989): 64

I found the article "The Rise and Fall of the Paluxy Mantracks" in the Sept. ASA Journal (v. 40, no. 3) most timely, especially the statement that it is "improper for creationists to continue to use the Paluxy data as evidence against evolution" (P. 151). The very Sunday (September 25th) before receiving the Journal issue, my husband and I attended a Sunday School class entitled "Scripture in the Light of Science: A Study of Genesis 1-1 I" at an evangelical church we have been visiting for the last few months. In that class, the creationist-teacher (a graduate of the Summer Institute on Scientific Creationism conducted by the Institute for Creation Research) cited human footprints being found next to dinosaur tracks in Texas as being evidence for the co-existence of man and dinosaurs. When I interrupted and pointed out recent articles to the contrary and how I had read that even the Creation Institute had backed down on this point, the teacher mumbled something about "some kind of staining on the tracks ... we are still looking into that . . . " and went on with a presentation culminating in a statement that the "evidence points overwhelmingly to a young earth."

Could it be that the "cover-up" is still continuing?