Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

Volume 39 Number 1    March 1987

At the Point of Need [science as servant] [HTML]          2    Brand, Raymond H. Article
A Theology of Progressive Creationism [HTML]          9    Pun, Pattle P. T. Article
Validity of Existing Controlled Studies Examining the Psychological Effects of Abortion [HTML]          20    Rogers, James L. & et al. Article
Some Implications of the New Reproductive Technologies [HTML]          31    Jones, D. Gareth Article
The Thermodynamical Triple Point: Implications for the Trinity [HTML]          39    Bozack, Michael J. Communication
Science, Religion, and Ideology: The Case of Evangelicals and Evolution [HTML]          41    Livingstone, David N. Communication
Science Under Fire? [HTML]          45    Russell, Colin A. Letter to the Editor
A Problem of Presuppositional Certitude [re. Murphy, 38.1] [HTML]          63    Crumb, Dennis G. Letter to the Editor
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