Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 38 Number 2    June 1986

Putting Things in Perspective [HTML]          65    Bullock, Wilbur L. Editorial
Christian Priorities in Science [HTML]          67    MacKay, Donald M. Article
Realism and Reverence [HTML]          75    Thorson, Walter R. Article
Christian Objections to High Technology: Analyzing the Resistances [HTML]          88    Aycock, David W. Article
Resource Managers and the Environmental Ethic [HTML]          96    Walker, Laurence C. Article
A Model for a Christian Approach to Scientific Endeavor [HTML]          103    Moore, T.M. Article
Theological Clues from the Scientific World [HTML]          110    Nebelsick, Harold P. Article
Theological Clues from the Scientific World -- Some Reflections [HTML]          122    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
Chiasmic Cosmology: A Response to Fred Van Dyke [38.1 p. 11] [HTML]          124    Murphy, George L. Letter to the Editor
Response to George L. Murphy: A Theological Argument for Evolution [HTML]          126    VanDyke, Fred Letter to the Editor
Six Days, Six Ages, or ...? [HTML]          128    Siemens, David F., Jr. Communication
J. J. Thompson, Anglican [HTML]          131    Seeger, Raymond J. Communication
Only Four C's for the Christian? [HTML]          151    Konopka, Edith Hoffman & Bullock, Wilbur L. Letter to the Editor
Further Reflections on 'The Participatory Nature of Modern Scienc [HTML]          151    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
More on the Book of Mormon [HTML]          152    McCamy, Ron Letter to the Editor
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