Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor

More on Four C's for the Christian
Richard H. Bube
753 Mayfield Avenue
Stanford, CA 94305

From: JASA  38 (December 1986): 282.

I was indeed gratified by the letters of Edith Hoffman Konopka and Wilbur Bullock in the Letters section (JASA June 1986), indicating their concern with the issue set forth in "Four C's for the Christian." They are quite right in seeing the issue of "success" as far wider reading than simply the environment provided by a corporation. I was undoubtedly focussing on a problem best known to me through the activities of our graduates in the physical sciences and engineering, with the involvement of many in Silicon Valley.

Perhaps it is possible to keep the original title, "Four C's for the Christian," and simply realize that the fourth C stands for "Career" and all of its temptations. It is a problem that is becoming increasingly challenging for young Christians starting out on career paths, and I hope to treat the subject somewhat more fully in the near future.