Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor

A Case of Missing Proof

Carl F. H. Henry
3824 North 37th Street
Arlington, Virginia 22207

From: PSCF 38 (March 1986): 63.

Richard Ruble writes (September 1985 issue) that his survey of introductory psychology textbooks published during the last ten years provides no support for my comment that "psychology texts usually introduce God only as a psychic aberration." Then he goes on to indicate that the terms he checked in the indices did not include "God" (was the term perchance absent?). Not a single reference he quotes or summarizes in connection with related terms (e.g., Bible; religion) mentions God. If representative psychology textbooks used in secular universities and colleges now argue for the existence of the psyche (soul) as an immaterial reality not dependent upon our present bodies, or for the existence of God as a transcendent personal Being (as theism affirms), I would be glad to read the evidence.