Science in Christian Perspective



Putting Things in Perspective
Wilbur L. Bullock Editor

From: JASA (March 1985): 1

The major papers in this issue provide us with Sociologist Jerry Bergman discusses the disturbing
perspectives on astronomy, ecology, philosophy, and subject of bystander apathy. His detailed discussion of
sociology. Each of these subject areas has profound how people respond to crisis situations considers our
inter-relations with evangelical Christianity and its Christian responsibilities to love, and, therefore, help
biblical basis. These inter-relations, in turn, sometimes our neighbors. This paper left me a little uncomfortable
involve a diversity of views and conclusions among in regard to my own limited willingness and ability to
Christians because of varying details of our theological help as a Christian should. There is certainly more to
persuasions and the incomplete, nature of human the parable of the good Samaritan than just a romantic 

The lead paper, by Colin Humphreys and W. G. Waddington, is an exciting example of collaborative,
interdisciplinary investigation. These two physicists have brought together the astronomical and the histori
cal information regarding the date of the crucifixion. While not originally planned for the March issue this
paper should be an encouraging preparation for the time when all of us will be reminded of the tremendous
theological implications of the death and resurrection of our Lord.

John Byl gives us something to think about and perhaps may stimulate some future papers for the journal as he recommends an instrumentalist approach to scientific theory, an approach that potentially helps us avoid some of the pitfalls of our usual realist approach. Another paper that might stimulate a discussion of differing perspectives is Fred Van Dyke's summary of the crisis in the environmental movement caused by unresolved value conflicts.

Finally, I want to draw your attention to the paper by Paul Peachey on the Decline of the West. Shortly after becoming editor I concluded that I would like to see our journal occasionally do what some other publications do-reprint significant papers from past issues. When I decided to elect the first reprint I immediately searched my back issues for the one paper that was most significant for me, the paper by Paul Peachey. When I saw that this paper was originally published in March of 1955 1 decided March 1985 would be an ideal time for the reprint. Professor Peachey helped me considerably at a time when my own attitude had become decidedly cynical because of the very world events that he put in such realistic perspective. What helped me most was his confident suggestion that, even if the West continued to decline, our God could still raise up people to Himself in Asia or in Africa. And today, thirty years later we see our God doing just that! Anyone else with a candidate for a reprint?