Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 36 Number 3    September 1984

The Proofs, Problems, and Promises of Biblical Archaeology [HTML]          129    Yamauchi, Edwin M. Article
Extravagant Claims in Bible Archaeology [HTML]          139    Atkins, Richard L. Article
Dinosaur Religion: On Interpreting and Misinterpreting the Creation Texts [HTML]          142    Hyers, Conrad Article
Is Creation-Science Science or Religion? [HTML]          149    Geisler, Norman L. Article
Is 'Creation-Science' Science or Religion? -- A Response [HTML]          156    Young, Davis A. Article
How Long Were The Days of Genesis? [HTML]          159    Key, Thomas Article
A Christian Critique of Development Perspectives: Modernization and Dependency [HTML]          162    Kennard, Douglas B. Article
Orthodoxy and the Challenge of Positivist Biology [HTML]          169    Hermann, Kenneth W. Article
Newcomb's Problem and Election [HTML]          192    Brown, Gordon Communication
Creationism - Brother against Brother [HTML]          192    DeVilbiss, John W. Letter to the Editor
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