Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 36 Number 2    June 1984

Sociology and Ethical Seriousness [HTML]          67    Barger, George W. & + Article
Theoretical Pluralism and the Dreams of Childhood: An Immoderate Proposal for Christian Sociologies [HTML]          74    Wolfe, David Article
An Evidential Approach to Christianity [HTML]          81    Eckelmann, Herman J. Article
Scientific Objectivity and the Word of God [HTML]          88    Thorsen, Walter R. Article
The Participatory Nature of Modern Science and Judaic-Christian T [HTML]          98    Neidhardt, W. Jim Article
Is A Mechanistic View of Creativity A Contradiction? [HTML]          105    Rogers, James L. Article
Assumptions in Studying Social Problems and a Christian Response [HTML]          113    Ratcliff, Donald E. Communication
Duhem, Catholic, Positivist [HTML]          116    Seeger, Raymond J. Communication
More Criticism of Kessel [HTML]          127    Horisberger, Marc Letter to the Editor
For More and Better Translations [HTML]          127    Reed, R. Letter to the Editor
Peace Through Strength [HTML]          127    Johnson, Walter C. Letter to the Editor
Another Look at Ambrose's Book [re. 'The Nature and Origin of the [HTML]          128    Eichman, Philip Letter to the Editor
Correction to 'Complementarity and Christian Thought -- an Assess          128    Haas, John W., Jr. Letter to the Editor
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