Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 36 Number 1    March 1984

An Evangelical Perspective on Science and the Chistian Faith [HTML]          1    Bullock, Wilbur L. Editorial
The Impact of Psychology's Philosophy of Continual Change on Evan [HTML]          3    Worthington, Everett, L. & + Article
Newcomb's Problem and Divine Foreknowledge [HTML]          9    Davis, Edward B. Article
The Mind-Body Problem: Scientific or Philosophic? Implications for Apologetics [HTML]          13    Burke, Thomas J. Article
On the Humanism of Science [HTML]          19    Seeger, Raymond J. Article
The Christian Far Right and Economic Policy Issues [HTML]          28    VanDahm, Thomas E. Article
Eddington, Mystic Seeker [HTML]          36    Seeger, Raymond J. Communication
Reality According to Quantum Mechanics [HTML]          37    Bube, Richard H. Communication
Christian Guidelines for Biotechnology [HTML]          39    CSCA & (Canadian Scientific and Christian Affiliation) Communication
Christian Thinking on Philosophical Foundations for the Science of Psychology [HTML]          39    Rosenak, Charlotte M. Communication
Realistic Faith Seeking Understanding: A Structured Model of Human Knowing [HTML]          42    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
The Limits of Human Wisdom: Scientific Knowledge and Religious Commitment [HTML]          45    Weathers, Robert S. Communication
A Response to George Jennings on Marx and Kraft [HTML]          61    McKay, Donald N. Letter to the Editor
A Response to George J. Jennings on the American Babylon [HTML]          62    Schlossberg, Herbert Letter to the Editor
Need Fundamental Definitions [HTML]          63    Roy, Rustum Letter to the Editor
Biological Interpretations of the Virgin Birth [HTML]          63    Bowerman, Harold H. Communication
In Defense of Edward Kessel [HTML]          64    Bube, Richard H. Letter to the Editor
The Christian as Journal Referee -- A Unique Opportunity for a Ch          65    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
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