Science in Christian Perspective



Exploring Relationships
Wilbur L. Bullock, Editor

"The purpose of the Affiliation is to explore any and every area relating Christian faith and science. The Journal ASA is one means by which the results of such exploration are made known for the benefit and criticism of the Christian Community and of the scientific community."

In this issue we have several major articles that explore the relations between science and Christian faith. John Templeton surveys the delicate balance "of the cosmological parameters of force, space, and time" with an overview of the anthropic principle and the complexity of the infinitesimal. Jim Neidhardt takes us further into the anthropic principle and some of its profound theological implications. To challenge our thinking on possible ways of interpreting science and the Scriptures, Conrad Hyers outlines an interpretation of Genesis that heavily emphasizes the cultural context through which God gave us His written word.

In the area of the social sciences, ethnologist George Jennings discusses the role of the supernatural in religion with special insight into the Muslim world he knows so well. Finally, Edward Habert, a Roman Catholic biologist, who teaches at a New York community college, discusses how he sees his role as a Christian in a secular college. Some of us with a strong Reformed background may not agree with all of the principles suggested here. However, all of us who teach in public colleges and universities need to be more assertive regarding our Christian faith as we try to avoid the pitfalls of " civil religion" on the one hand and a cowardly silence on the other. I hope Professor Habert stimulates us to think more seriously on this timely subject.

In conclusion, I want to draw your attention to the Letters section. Dick Bube has written an open letter to Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship to express his dismay over the action of IVP in withdrawing the book, Brave New People by ASA member Gareth Jones. The real issue is not Professor Jones' views on therapeutic abortion; during the same period that IVP was being picketed by Pro-Life people in the U.S.A. they were being picketed by Pro-Abortion people in England both groups were protesting the same book! The real issue is how do Christian organizations respond to militant criticism and blackmail techniques by self-appointed "defenders of the faith." Such blatantly unchristian tactics make a mockery of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His command that "By this shall all men know that you are my disciples that you love one another." We must speak out against the evils of our society but we must do it in accordance with the God-inspired principles of the New Testament. Christian publishers, as well as the journal ASA, must have the freedom "to explore any and every area relating Christian faith and science."