Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 35 Number 3    September 1983

A Proposed Biological Interpretation of the Virgin Birth [HTML]          129    Kessel, Edward L. Article
Living in Babylon with Darwin, Marx, Freud, and Deloria [HTML]          137    Jennings, George J. Article
Complementarity and Christian Thought -- An Assessment 1. Classical Complementarity of Niels Bohr [HTML]          145    Haas, John W., Jr. Article
Christianity, Sociology, and the Moral Order [HTML]          152    Flynn, Charles P. Article
Newton's Laws as Allegory [HTML]          156    Poythress, Vern Sheridan Article
Reflexivity in North American Psychology: Historical Reflections on One Aspect of a Changing Paradigm [HTML]          162    VanLeeuwen, Mary Stewart Article
Energy and the Environment (C) Christian Concerns on Nuclear Ener [HTML]          168    Bube, Richard H. Article
Computers, Robotics and the Church [HTML]          175    Hodges, Larry F. Communication
A Sociological Analysis of the Gospel of Luke [HTML]          177    Noble, Lowell Communication
The Spirit of the Wilderness and the Religious Community [HTML]          180    Douglas, David & + Communication
A Communication Model of Human Exploration and Discovery [HTML]          181    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
Thoughts on 'Unity in Creation' [HTML]          192    McKay, Donald N. Letter to the Editor
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