Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 35 Number 1    March 1983

Is There Unity in Creation? [HTML]          1    Maatman, Russell Communication
Holism and Reductionism [HTML]          2    Cook, Harry Article
Unity and Coherence [HTML]          6    Leegwater, Arie Article
Shaping a Unified Perspective [HTML]          8    Manweiler, Robert W. Article
Two Unities? [HTML]          11    Murphy, George L. Article
Unity Through Communication [HTML]          13    Neidhardt, W. Jim Article
An Essentially Religious Unity [HTML]          16    Vandervennen, Robert E. Article
Overview: Unity in Creation [HTML]          18    Maatman, Russell Article
Christianity and Functionalism: The Paradox [HTML]          20    Hancock, Barry W. Article
Community Mental Health: An Affirmation by Theology [HTML]          25    Uomoto, Jay M. Article
Energy and the Environment (A) Is Energy a Christian Issue? [HTML]          33    Bube, Richard H. Article
The Open-Endedness of Scientific Truth [HTML]          37    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
Artificial Intelligence Research: An Evangelical Assessment [HTML]          39    Ward, Terry A. Communication
The Straw God of Stephen Gould [HTML]          42    Bohlin, Raymond G. & Anderson, Kerby Communication
'Christian' Psychology: Implications from Philosophy of Science [HTML]          44    Rosenak, Charlotte Communication
When War is Undertaken in Obedience to God: Just War Theory and t [HTML]          47    Malloch, Theodore R. Communication
Reply to Recent Comments [HTML]          63    Bergman, Jerry Letter to the Editor
Defense of Moderate 'Special Creation' [HTML]          63    Wonderly, Daniel E. Communication
Contributions Requested to Archive on Chreation/Evolution [HTML]          64    Yates, Stanley Letter to the Editor
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