Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the editor

Thoughts on "Unity in Creation'

Donald N. McKay
35 Nelson St.
Cazenovia, NY 13035

From: JASA 35 September 1983): 192.

In regards to the "Unity in Creation" theme (Journal ASA, 3, 1-19 (1983)), it is overview that affords us a glimpse-if not outright observation-of Unity's manifestation and cohesiveness.

Leegwater, Dooyeweerd (as mentioned by Russell Maatman), and others, whose unity views take detours at "Modality Street" and "Physical Entity Lane," have fallen victim to the trap that lies in wait for the mechanically-logical mind: the trap of number.

To view Unity as is, was and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, the mind must rise above "number" or else be forever bogged down in the legalism of quantum weirdness and the endlessness of combinations allowed by physical mechanics--or both.

The object is to truly see the entire forest and not become exhausted and frustrated trying to count the number of supersub-atomic particles (and their colorations) in each and every leaf within the stand of trees.

True, in order to innovate and manufacture, the physicist and chemist must know the characteristics of their building blocks. However, in many cases, while the human mind envisions the overall unity of a particular motion or a particular molecular structure' often lost is the vision of how the motion or structure fits into the grand scheme of on-going creation.

what to do ... what to do ...
Stood at the station, so engrossed with the schedule; 
never turned around to see my train go by.

I shall now present a personal "overview."

Perhaps the 'Unity' concept can be brought into clearer focus if, for the sake of discussion, we all accept a premise:

    All that is is all.

Now, reduce "all that is" to a base identity and you'll have:

    All that is is energy.

And even in its simplest form, energy did not (and cannot) come about as a result of self-motivity, not at a "Genesis stage." The only explanation left:

    All energy that is is God.

From the simplest equation to the most profound and complex truth to be realized by man:

    God is.

Here, in this declaration, we have complete Unity of Creation. Here we have the only reality. This is, as we perceive it, the true matrix of overwhelming order and physical discipline. The closer we look, either out into the Universe or within the atom, it becomes crystal clear that the sense of orderliness of creation is not of random happenstance but of Divine guidance, a guidance that is necessary to eliminate chaos and ensure structural achievement. Hence individuality; hence difference.

Simple enough.

However, where does human free will come to being tolerated within the "Unity" scheme (God's Law)?

Man does have the ability to challenge God's Law (the physical operation guidelines of Unity as we are able to comprehend) and does so on occasion. How can such actions on man's part fit into a unified-operative reality?

Would not man be at odds with God's Unity-thus causing disunity in the Universal "Garden of Eden"?

Definitely yes, in the theological-religio sense. But, in viewing from the "mountain of accommodation," let us observe another premise:

Everything that concerns God and nature is reciprocal. Man can either work in united harmony with God, or work against Him. Man can either work to destroy, or work with God to create.

Man on earth is co-creator with God and he is co-destroyer also. As time progresses, man will reach out and colonize the Universe; "co-creation" and "co-destruction" will also cross the galaxies.

This is not to say, though, that a Unified Creation is not capable of absorbing the motions-the thrashings about-of man. Create as he may, man still cannot out-perform God. Destroy as he is wont, and still man will come in second-best.

Man can surely create to great degrees within the parameters of God's Unity-but, when absolute challenges are thrown against the Unified Law of Reciprocity, man will forever fail.

From whence the first wave of energy was set into motion by the Will of God, right to the present, the Unified Creation has never once suffered an aberration of intent.

This ... what we perceive ... came from God. So that we may better understand what has taken place, God's Will transitioned into Word, and that Word was manifested as flesh and blood-to explain the law of unity and to instruct man by example. Was it not Jesus who truthfully and clearly gave us the first interweavings of the tapestry that is made up of life as we now live it and life in Heaven? Was it not Jesus who told us to avoid stumbling over and being preoccupied with those things that are going on about us in this world, but instead to turn our full attention to God in Heaven. Jesus did, in fact, tell us in no uncertain terms that what we have here and now is but a small sliver of time in the overall immenseness of God's creation. The Unity of Creation was never more clearly pronounced than through Jesus Christ. Finally, to perpetuate the Word and to strengthen the new hosts of it, man, God unleashed the force of forces within man and upon the earth, the Holy Spirit.

In conclusion, all of what I've remarked on serves to reenforce the Unity of Creation-to keep man and Universe close to God the Creator. There is a theological ramification to the "Unity" concept, though, an admonition that cannot be overlooked by any Christian: Remember, everything is reciprocal. We can either love God and work with Him in life everlasting or we can do the opposite and come to learn and experience the reciprocal of God's Will-Hell.

P.S. Your magazine is a rewarding pleasure to read. God's strength to you and your staff in the future.