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Letter to the Editor


Beautiful Colombia
Juanita Bird
(Mrs. Lewis Bird)

P.O. Box 5222
Santa Marta, Colombia

From: JASA 35 (June 1983): 128.

We are Americans who have made our home in Latin America for seven years. Lately, we are seeing much distorted news about the Americas coming out of the U.S. and would like to set the record straight for Journal readers.

When we first moved to Costa Rica bag, baggage, grandmother, teenagers and pets, we spoke no Spanish and knew little about the country. But, soon, our rural neighbors accepted us and graciously taught us their language, culture, and how a city-bred family could enjoy ranch life in a foreign land. Truly, our delightful adventures there merit a book, at least!

My husband's love for the sea (Pearl Harbor survivor, retired Navy), prompted a further move two years ago, to Colombia's Caribbean coast. We found a lovely, old coconut plantation on the Pan American Highway near Santa Marta, the oldest (457 years), most fascinating city in all of the Americas.

Imagine, green palms waving in gentle ocean breezes, blue sea and sky, pounding surf and golden sand and, towering 19,000 feet over all and snow-capped the year 'round, majestic Mount Colombus. We feel we have much ... incomparable beauty, fine neighbors, perfect climate, a stable, democratic government and a satisfyingly-low cost of living.

Like Colombus, we have discovered a new frontier, with a vast potential and, being human, are driven to tell others about our dream-come-true. If you are interested in the future of the Americas ... and the Birds ... write us by international air mail (350 a half-ounce). It may take a while, but we promise to answer.

Now, from beautiful Santa Marta, we wish you salud (health), pesetas (wealth), amor (love) and the time to enjoy them all!