Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 34 Number 3    September 1982

The Biology Business [HTML]          129    Cook, Harry Article
Behavioral Views of Punishment: A Critique [HTML]          135    Bufford, Rodger K. Article
Debunking Some of the Myths about Glossolalia [HTML]          144    Maloney, H. Newton Article
Demon Possession and Mental Illness [HTML]          149    Johnson, Walter C. Article
A Clarification of 'The Christian Mind' [HTML]          155    OrtezayMiranda, Evelina Article
The Post-Darwinian Controversies [part 3 of 4] [HTML]          163    Aulie, Richard P. Article
'Have Dominion': the Christian and Natural Resources [HTML]          169    Murphy, George L. Communication
Behaviorism and the New Worship Groups [HTML]          169    Ratcliff, Donald E. Communication
Humanism, Morality, and the Meaning of Life: Some Clarifications [HTML]          172    Basinger, David Communication
Creation vs. Evolution: The Ultimate Issue [HTML]          175    Moore, T. M. Letter to the Editor
The Dangers of 'Special Creationism' to Christian Faith [HTML]          178    Albert, Jerry Letter to the Editor
Superficiality of Theological Analysis [HTML]          189    Montgomery, John Warwick Letter to the Editor
Reply to Montgomery [34.3 p. 189]          189    Jones, D. Gareth Letter to the Editor
Goedel's Theorem [HTML]          189    Murphy, George L. Communication
The Cults: Why Now and Who Gets Caught? [HTML]          189    Campbell, William F. Communication
Up-Grade Book Reviews [HTML]          189    Buswell, James O. Letter to the Editor
Strengthening Science Education [HTML]          189    Chaffey Charles E. Letter to the Editor
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