Science in Christian Perspective



Appreciation and Suggestions
Carl Liebert, Jr., M.D.
804 Medical Towers North
Louisville, Kentucky 40202

From: JASA 34 December 1982)
: 62.

I followed with some interest the series of articles on "Science and the Whole Person" appearing in the Journal ASA and found particularly insightful the article concerning determinism and free will, crime, punishment and responsibility.

The conclusions concerning the purposes of punishment, retribution, the administration of justice, and the intrinsic value of human life requiring extreme punishment when such a human life is taken, are consistent with the views of Walter Berns in his recent publication.

I did want to take time to recommend that book since I did not see it referenced in the bibliography: Walter Berns, For Capital Punishment: Crime and the Morality of the Death Penalty, Basic Books, Inc., New York, 1979.