Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 33 Number 3    September 1981

The Biblical Insights of Michael Polanyi [HTML]          129    Thorson, Walter R. & + Article
Truth and Epistemology in Science: Response To Walter Thorson's ASA Addresses [HTML]          138    Keister, J. C. Article
Scientific Truth: Is It Transient Or Enduring? [HTML]          142    Wonderly, Daniel E. Article
The Logic of Miracles [HTML]          145    Jensen, Dennis Article
The Genetic Basis of Homosexuality [HTML]          153    Bergman, Jerry Article
Abortion [HTML]          158    Bube, Richard H. Article
Galileo, Churchman [HTML]          166    Seeger, Raymond J. Communication
A Pictorial Representation of MacKay's Argument for Human Freedom [HTML]          169    McIntyre, John A. Communication
Modern Version of the Creation Account [HTML]          171    vanderZiel, Aldert Communication
Recombinant DNA: Round 2 - The Supreme Court Decision [HTML]          173    Haas, John W., Jr. Communication
Economic Causes of Soil Erosion in the United States [HTML]          175    Tiemstra, John P. Communication
The Modern Technocratic Society: The Church's Response [HTML]          178    Kubricht, Paul Communication
A Dream Come Untrue: The Amazing Story of Kilton Stewart's Amazing Story [HTML]          180    Lindskoog, Kathryn Communication
The Human Explorer - A Tri-level Communication Model [HTML]          183    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
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