Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 33 Number 4    December 1981

The Relationship Between the Brain and the Mind [HTML]          193    Jones, D. Gareth Article
Mechanical Man: A Christian Psychologist's Dilemma [HTML]          202    Bruce, David S. Article
Incest and Sexual Abuse: Approaching the Last Frontier [HTML]          207    McCauley, Larry Article
The Neurotic Christian: Ecclesiogenic Neurosis [HTML]          215    Young, Paul D. Article
Competition and Christian Ethics [HTML]          220    Flynn, Charles P. Article
The Establishment of a Heliocentric View of the Universe [HTML]          225    Bergman, Jerry Article
Biblical Creation: Should It Be Taught in the Public Schools as a [HTML]          231    Seagraves, Nell & Jappe, Fred, Chambers, Bette, Mengus, Ray, Ball, Robert Communication
Astronomical Distances, the Speed of Light, and the Age of the Universe [HTML]          235    Krause, David J. Communication
Anthropology, Theology, and Human Origins [HTML]          239    Hurd, James Communication
Repository for Germinal Choice: A Christian Option? [HTML]          241    Albert, Jerry & MacKay, Donald M. and Valerie, Jones, D. Gareth Communication
The Watchmaker [HTML]          243    Adams, Paul Letter to the Editor
Apparent Age Arguments [HTML]          254    D'Aria, D. M. Letter to the Editor
Goedel's Theorem Misunderstood [HTML]          255    Herrmann, Robert A. Letter to the Editor
An Open Letter to Ancient Creationists and Theistic Evolutionists [HTML]          255    Pittman, Tom Letter to the Editor
Second Opinion on Rifkin's 'The Emerging Order' [HTML]          256    Perkins, Richard Letter to the Editor
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