Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 32 Number 3    September 1980

Is The Road From Freedom To Responsibility A One-way Street? [HTML]          129    Bube, Richard H. Article
Marxism and Christianity: Their Images of Man [HTML]          135    Faupel, Charles E. Article
Conservative Christians and Anthropologists: A Clash of Worldview [HTML]          140    Kraft, Charles H. Article
Apparent Age and its Reception in the 19th Century [HTML]          146    Krause, David J. Article
Toward the Development of a Christian Psychology: Comparative and [HTML]          151    Koteskey, Ronald L. Article
Explanation, Testability, and the Theory of Evolution Part II [HTML]          156    Leith, T. H. Article
Christianity As An Ethical Matrix for No-Growth Economics [HTML]          164    Moore, Stanley W. & Jappe, Fred Article
Is Theology a Science? [HTML]          169    Griffiths, Robert B. Article
Creation (B) Understanding Creation and Evolution [HTML]          174    Bube, Richard H. Article
The Federation Christian Fellowship (FCF): A History [HTML]          185    Weiss, A. Kurt Letter to the Editor
Our American Cultural Crisis [HTML]          186    Jennings, George J. Communication
Arguments for Creatio ex Nihilo Not Convincing          190    Brown, Gordon Letter to the Editor
Thanks for Articles on Creation [HTML]          190    Clark, A. P. H. Letter to the Editor
Holy Spirit Validates the Bible [HTML]          191    Mapes, Dwight B. Letter to the Editor
The Final Resolution of the Evolution Controversy [HTML]          191    Winder, C. Gordon Letter to the Editor
Book Over His Head [HTML]          191    Hazelett, Richard Letter to the Editor
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