Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 32 Number 1    March 1980

Tension in Theology: Creation versus Redemption [HTML]          1    Bube, Richard H. Article
Philosophical and Scientific Pointers to Creatio ex Nihilo [HTML]          5    Craig, William Lane Article
Explanation, Testability, and the Theory of Evolution (Part 1) [HTML]          13    Leith, Thomas H. Article
Depression: Biochemical Abnormality or Spiritual Backsliding? [HTML]          18    Johnson, Walter C. Article
Mythological Features and the Polemic Nature of Genesis 1:1 [HTML]          27    Turner, Reid J. Communication
The Biblically-Oriented Family: A Reassessment [HTML]          28    Johnston, G. Archie & Lowery, Kirk E., Lowery, N. Jean, Wallander, Sandra Article
Creation (a) How Should Genesis Be Interpreted?          34    Bube, Richard H. Article
The Christian's Edge: Research Guided by the Holy Spirit [HTML]          54    Hromas, Robert A. & Scholes, Vernon F. Communication
The Bible: Truth and/or Error? [HTML]          55    Geisler, Norman L. Letter to the Editor
Reply to Geisler [HTML]          58    Bube, Richard H. Letter to the Editor
Reply to Geisler [HTML]          58    Pinnock, Clark B. Letter to the Editor
Schematic Protrayals of the Personal Component in Scientific Discovery [HTML]          60    Neidhardt, W. Jim Letter to the Editor
Deception in Social Psychological Research: A Reply to Johnson [HTML]          60    Koteskey, Donald L. Letter to the Editor
Comments on September Issue [HTML]          64    Seibert, R. Jim Letter to the Editor
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