Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 32 Number 4    December 1980

Ancient Ecologies and the Biblical Perspective [HTML]          193    Yamauchi, Edwin M. Article
Is Clearcutting a Responsible Forestry Practice? [HTML]          204    Wiant, Harry V., Jr. Article
Ecological Concepts in Forest Management [HTML]          207    Walker, Laurence C. Article
Psychological Anthropology's Neglected Concept: Love [HTML]          215    Jennings, George J. Article
Toward the Development of a Christian Psychology: Social Psychology [HTML]          224    Koteskey, Ronald L. Article
A Positive Approach to Creation [HTML]          230    Murphy, George L. Article
An Evangelical Commitment to Simple Lifestyle [HTML]          242    SimpleLifestyle Communication
The Foundation Upon Which Science Rests: The Correlation Between [HTML]          244    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
Toward an Applied Anthropology of Beliefs [HTML]          247    McCone, R. Clyde Communication
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