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Letter to the Editor



Book Over His Head

Richard Hazelett 
30663 Lake Road 
Bay Village, Ohio 44140

From: JASA 32 (September 1980): 191

People should out review books unless they have adequate preparation to understand the contents and thus are able to avoid distorting the author's views. "Thou shalt out bear false witness" is a principle that should apply to book reviewing as much as to any other activity in life.

Rev. T. M. Moore failed to honor this principle when he reviewed Dean Turner's book Commitment to Core. I trust that this breach was unconscious and simply a result of incompetency, rather than deliberate and knowing.
It is true that Turner's concepts of salvation and heaven are not as orthodox as Rev. Moore's, but they are not contrary to the spirit of Jesus' teachings. I urner's hook presented the essence of Christ's message in such a way as to enable me to turn to Him as the Lord. It is unfortunate that this uniquely relevant hook did not receive the kind of review that it deserves. God bless Rev. Moore and may he avoid reviewing hooks that are over his head.