Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 31 Number 3    September 1979

The Behaviorist Bandwagon and the Body of Christ: III. A Christian Examinatin of Applied Behaviorism [HTML]          129    VanLeeuwen, Mary Stewart Article
Christianity and Culture III. Biblical Absolutes and Certain Cultural Relativisms [HTML]          139    Pike, Kenneth L. Article
Flood Geology is Uniformitarian! [HTML]          146    Young, Davis A. Article
Human Sexuality (b) Love and Law [HTML]          153    Bube, Richard H. Article
Science and Miracle: Another Approach [HTML]          171    Reid, W. Stanford Letter to the Editor
Science and Progress [HTML]          172    Walker, Susan Watts Letter to the Editor
Deception in Social Psychological Research: A Reply to Koteskey [HTML]          174    Johnson, David E. Letter to the Editor
Let's Hear More on Second Law [HTML]          176    Watts, William W. Letter to the Editor
One-Sided View on Homosexuality [HTML]          176    Hamby, Jr., Warren Letter to the Editor
Much Enjoyed [HTML]          176    Walker, Susan Watts Letter to the Editor
Bad Philosophy and Bad Theology [HTML]          176    Kofahl, Robert E. Letter to the Editor
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