Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 31 Number 1    March 1979

Complete Issue [PDF]
The Journal's 30th Anniversary [HTML]          1    Bube, Richard H. Editorial
The Behaviorist Bandwagon and the Body of Christ I. What is Behaviorism [HTML]          3    VanLeeuwen, Mary Stewart Article
Christianity and Culture I. Conscience and Culture [HTML]          8    Pike, Kenneth L. Article
Bible Translation and Linguistics [HTML]          13    Franklin, Karl J. & McElhanon, Kenneth A. Article
Herman Dooyeweerd's Contribution to the Philosophy of the Social [HTML]          20    Skillen, James W. Article
A Social Psychological Analysis of Mass Evangelism [HTML]          25    Mathisen, Ken & Ellison, Craig W. Article
Truth: Mathematical and Biblical [HTML]          29    Neuhouser, David L. Article
Christian Faith and Higher Education [HTML]          33    Lewthwaite, Gordon R. Article
The Significance of Being Human [HTML]          37    Bube, Richard H. Article
Responsibility and Retribution: A Narnian Dialogue [HTML]          43    Ashey, J. Philip Article
Christian Answers on Homosexuality [HTML]          48    Bube, Richard H. Article
Responses to 'A Call to Faithfulness' [HTML]          55    Bube, Richard H. Letter to the Editor
Nuclear War and the Christian [HTML]          57    McMullen, E. T. Communication
Deception and the Christian Psychologist [HTML]          58    Koteskey, Ronald L. Communication
A Moral Analogy to the Second Law of Thermodynamics [HTML]          60    Shuster, Melvin Communication
A Young Versus an Old Creation: A Reconciliation? [HTML]          60    Kupke, D. W. Communication
Possible Relationships Between Polanyi's Insights and Modern Findings in Psychology, Brain Research, and Theories of Science [HTML]          61    Neidhardt, W. Jim Communication
Omitted References [re. Neidhardt, 29.3 p. 118] [HTML]          63    Neidhardt, W. Jim Letter to the Editor
Fed Up with Second Law [of Thermodynamics] Controversy [HTML]          63    McCabe, Michael V. Letter to the Editor
Surprised at Failure [HTML]          63    White, Evelyn M. Letter to the Editor
A Superb Statement and Exciting Reading [HTML]          63    Rushdoony, R.J. Letter to the Editor
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