Science in Christian Perspective



Bad Philosophy and Bad Theology
Robert E. Kofahl 
Creation-Science Research Center 
6709 Convoy Court San Diego, California 92111

From: JASA 31 (September 1979): 176.

At least one statement contained in "The Significance of Being Human," Journal ASA, March 1979, demands response: "It therefore follows that, at least in principle, if a scientist were to assemble non-living matter in exactly the same way that it is assembled in a living human being, he would then have produced a genuine living human being, a person for whom Christ died." Not so, for several reasons.

Even in principle it would not follow, unless the philosophical principle of dualism were false and the principle of materialistic monism were true, a possibility which no Bible-believing Christian can accept. Furthermore, such a being, even if it were a self-conscious organism, would not be a person for whom Christ died, for Christ died only for the race of Adam, for He "took hold" of the seed of Abraham, not of angels or of others races or kinds of beings (Hebrews 2:16).

Thus it seems to me that the idea you have propounded constitutes both bad philosophy and bad theology.