Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor

Surprised at Failure
Evelyn M. White 
Lindsay, RR 5 
Ontario K9V 4R5 Canada

Due to a postal strike here in Canada, this letter is somewhat late, and no doubt others have furnished you with the requested publication data for Genesis & Early Man by A.C. Custaoce (Journal ASA 30(3), 1978, p. 143).

It does surprise me, though, that "numerous attempts" were unsuccessful in securing this information.

Any librarian would be able to find this for you from Books in Print. Since the price will not be noted here, and now "armed" with the name of the publisher, any reputable bookstore will have a catalogue giving this information.

Surely a "no-fail" attempt would have been to contact the reviewer!

With these suggestions, hopefully you will never need that excuse again.

(Ed. - We note, however, with some disappointment that reader White did not supply us with the missing information! We thank her for the suggestion and can report that Genesis and Early Man by AC. Custance was published by Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1975 at $8.95. Unfortunately contacting the reviewer has turned out to be the most difficult step of all; four separate mailings to different potential addresses failed to reach him and were returned with address unknown marked by the postal service. Such is the fate of "no-fail" attempts!)