Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor

A Superb Statement and Exciting Reading
R.J. Rushdoony
P.O. Box 158 Vallecito, 
California 95251

From: JASA 31 (March 1979): 63

As you know, I am not always in agreement with your position. I do feel, however, that the Journal of The American Scientific Affiliation has greatly improved under your editorship. From a position of throwing rocks at other Christians, the Journal has advanced to setting forth the implications of the Biblical faith for one area after another. The results are sometimes, it most he said, weak, at other times very good, and somethings exceptionally telling.

The September, 1978, Journal has one such article, perhaps the best ever to appear in the Journal. I refer to James F. Jekel's "The Coming Revolution in Health Care," a superb statement and exciting reading.
Such articles should be made available in reprints for wider circulation. t for one would welcome the opportunity to buy 100 copies of such an article for use in connection with our own work.

At any rate, I do appreciate the calibre of your editorship.