Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor

Fed Up with Second Law Controversy
Michael V. McCabe 
Center for the Study of Higher Education 
University of Virginia 
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

From: JASA 31 (March 1979): 63.

I am fed up to here with this Second Law of Thermodynamics controversy. After Prigogine won his Nobel Prize, the Institute for Creation Research published what seemed to be a very solid article showing how his research findings were either not applicable to this controversy or how they realty supported the creationist's position by requiring the introduction of catalysts into closed systems to break free of the Law. Then in the September issue of the Journal (p. 145) Jerry Albert states, "only the unwary or uninformed would fall prey to the invalid argument that the Second Law of Thermodynamics contradicts biological evolution."

Is it not possible for intelligent, God-fearing Christians to publish an exchange and resolve this simple controversy once and for all? If the pages of this Journal are not deemed the proper format, I would be willing to collect essays, debate transcripts, papers, etc., assemble and edit them into a publication with the goal in mind of resolving this controversy.
Any takers?

(Ed. - I wonder if perhaps reader McCabe may not be over optimistic as to just how simple this issue is. I fear that taking on the task of resolving it may be a fairly painful educational venture. All our best wishes!)