Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 30 Number 1    March 1978

A New Category [HTML]          1    Bube, Richard H. Editorial
The Impact of Three Mathematical Discoveries on Human Knowledge [HTML]          2    Brabenec, Robert L. Article
Models for the Integration of Psychology and Theology [HTML]          6    Farnsworth, Kirk E. Article
Experiential Learning, Experiential Science and Experiential Religion [HTML]          10    Oakland, James A. Article
Society and Abortion [HTML]          13    Spinka, Harold M. Article
Human Engineering and Christian Ethical Values [HTML]          16    Erickson, Millard J. Article
Making Sense of Me [HTML]          20    Hearn, Walter R. Article
Coping with Being Human [HTML]          24    Schemmer, Kenneth E. Article
Pitfalls for a Scientist's Motivation: The Poison and the Antidote [HTML]          27    Manweiler, R.W. Article
1 + 1 = Organization [HTML]          32    Malony, H. Newton Article
The Loneliness Factor [HTML]          41    Haas, John W., Jr. Letter to the Editor
A Communique from Outer Space [HTML]          41    Coleman, Richard J. Letter to the Editor
Biblical Perspective on Engineering Man-Machine Systems [HTML]          42    Allen, Edward B. Communication
Of Men and Computers [HTML]          43    Marley, Gerald C. Letter to the Editor
Evolutionary Thought and the Morals and Dignity of Man: Some Inconsistencies [HTML]          44    Walker, Susan C. Letter to the Editor
Can a Christian Be a Behaviorist? [HTML]          45    McLemore, Clinton W. Communication
American Events and International Missions [HTML]          47    Rickards, Donald P. Letter to the Editor
Another Reply to Kathryn Lindskoog [HTML]          48    Hancock, Denis C., Jr. Letter to the Editor
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