Science in Christian Perspective



Richard H Bube, Editor

From: JASA 30 (March 1978): 1

With this issue of the Journal ASA your editor begins his 10th year serving you in this capacity. Between 1965 and 1969, the paid circulation of the Journal increased from 1600 to 2100 under the able editorship of Russ Mixter; between 1969 and 1978, the paid circulation has continued to climb to 3300. The March 1969 issue was a 32page issue; today's Journal brings you 48 pages in each issue. This success has been due in no small measure to the faithfulness of the many of you who have submitted quality manuscripts and patiently awaited their publication, and to the constant support of our Executive Secretary and the Executive Council members. I wish to express my appreciation to you all for this challenging and stimulating editing opportunity.

A continuing problem has been the sometimes absurdly lengthy delay between acceptance of a paper and its eventual publication. We have for several years been implementing a program to reduce this delay to no more than 18 months, with a delay of 12 months maximum as our goal for the near future. With this issue we formalize an approach that we have started using in the issues of 1977 to provide another medium for rapid publication. The category of Communications will now be distinct from the category of Letters. Communications will be short treatments of a broad variety of subjects of interest to the readers of the Journal, not to exceed 6 pages in length, with a guaranteed publication within no more than 9 months from acceptance. Editorial correspondence with respect to previous issues will be published separately under the Letters category.

Your comments and suggestions are always received with enthusiasm and gratitude at the editorial office. Thanks for your help, your prayers and your general support.