Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 29 Number 3    September 1977

A Christian Affirmation on the Stewardship of Natural Resources          97    Bube, Richard H. Communication
Energy and Christian Stewardship: An Economist's Appraisal          99    Tiemstra, John Peter Article
When Was the Last Time You Hugged a Homosexual?          103    Barrow, Alfred R. & Campion, Michael A. Article
Positive Though Inaccurate          106    Pattison, E. Mansell Letter to the Editor
Chauvinism, Paternalism, and Put-down          108    Oakland, James A. Letter to the Editor
Valuable But Sometimes Superficial          109    White, John Letter to the Editor
A Biblical Basis for Behavior Modification          111    Allen, John L. Article
Lowering the Reactance of Psychologists and Theologians to One An          114    Biller, Tom Arthur Article
Personal Knowledge: An Epistemology of Discovery          118    Neidhardt, W. Jim Article
Pseudo-Science and Pseudo-Theology: (B) Scientific Theology          124    Bube, Richard H. Article
Appreciated Critique of Jay Adams          137    Ellens, J. Harold Letter to the Editor
Disappointed in Critique of Jay Adams          137    Leiffer, Paul Letter to the Editor
Journal Guilty of Misrepresentation?          138    Chatzivassilion, Milton Letter to the Editor
Comments on 'Cult and Occult'          138    Bergman, Jerry Letter to the Editor
Did Jesus Predict Present Heart Disease Epidemic?          138    Kurfees, James F. Letter to the Editor
A Christian in Industry          139    Allcock, James F. Letter to the Editor
Reply to the Replies to Sir George Porter          140    Lund, Arnold M. Letter to the Editor
Reply to Lindskoog on the Virgin Birth          141    Bowerman, Harold H. Letter to the Editor
Understandability as a Criterion for Belief          141    Maatmann, Russell Letter to the Editor
On World and U.S. Population Growth: Or Is It Growth?          142    Keister, J.C. Letter to the Editor
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