Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 29 Number 2    June 1977

In the Beginning ... [HTML]          49    Mossman, Valerie L. Letter to the Editor
The Unity in Creation [HTML]          52    Maatman, Russell Article
The Trauma of the Infinite Universe [HTML]          56    Gingerich, Owen Article
Creation: Pattern, God, and Man [HTML]          58    Tappeiner, Daniel A. Article
Origins and the Bible [HTML]          64    Block, Joel Article
Creation and/or Evolution [HTML]          68    Willis, David L. Article
Evolution: A Personal Dilemma [HTML]          73    Jones, D. Gareth Article
A Biochemical View of Life [HTML]          76    Albert, Jerry D. Article
A Critical Evaluation of Evolution [HTML]          84    Pun, Pattle P. T. Article
The Theory of Social Evolution and the Concept of Entropy [HTML]          91    Dow, Loren W. Article
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