Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 29 Number 1    March 1977

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Does the ASA Take a 'Position' on Controversial Issues? [HTML]          1    Stipe, Claude E. Article
Scientific Theorizing and Societal Good [HTML]          4    OrtezayMiranda, Evelina Article
The Struggle of the Christian Immersed in a Scientific Culture [HTML]          8    Ludwig, David J. Article
Is There a Christian Economic System? [A Dialogue] [HTML]          13    Coleson, Edward & Pierard, Richard V. Article
Pseudo-Science and Pseudo-Theology: (A) Cult and Occult [HTML]          22    Bube, Richard H. Article
What's the Solution to Pollution? [HTML]          43    Richards, Benjamin F., Jr. Letter to the Editor
Multiordinal rather than Complementary [HTML]          43    Richards, John C. Letter to the Editor
Judging Scientific Research [HTML]          44    Bube, Richard H. Communication
The Question of Synchronicity [HTML]          44    Lindskoog, Kathryn A. Letter to the Editor
The Trouble With the Virgin Birth [HTML]          44    Lindskoog, Kathryn A. Letter to the Editor
'All We're Meant to Be' [HTML]          45    Kerr, Fred Letter to the Editor
Inerrancy Is/Is Not the Watershed of Evangelicalism: None of the Above [HTML]          46    Bube, Richard H. Communication
Justification by Faith Alone [HTML]          47    Detwiler, Charles Letter to the Editor
Determinism vs. Free Will [HTML]          47    Brown, Gordon Letter to the Editor
Unfair to Jay Adams [HTML]          47    Dart, Betsy L. Letter to the Editor
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