Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 29 Number 4    December 1977

Limits of Testability of the Christian Faith          145    Touryan, Kennel J. Article
Logical Indeterminacy, Levels of Meaning and Mystery          150    Feucht, Dennis Article
Does the Secular Scientist Find Himself Pressed to Support A Christian Philosophy of Science?          153    Wiebe, Harold T. Article
The Christian in Science: An Aim-Oriented Approach          158    Driver, John & Richards, John E. Article
Pseudo-Science and Pseudo-Theology: (C) Cosmic Consciousness          165    Bube, Richard H. Article
Neither of Us is 'Right'          174    Harman, Willis W. Letter to the Editor
Inaccurate Reporting          174    Lindquist, Stanley E. Letter to the Editor
Reserve Judgment [on paranormal phenomena]          175    Tiller, William A. Letter to the Editor
The Person and Sociology          190    Lyon, David Communication
Creativity          190    Kopper, Paul H. Letter to the Editor
More Important Questions than Evolution and Creation?          192    Wilson, J. Michael Letter to the Editor
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