Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


Journal Guilty of Misrepresentation?
Milton Chatzivassilion
403-150 Market St.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

From: JASA 29 (September 1977): 137-138.
I'm writing in regards to the Journal ASA. When I joined the Affiliation, I was given to understand that a number of different points of view shall be presented.

Take for example the Creation-Evolution controversy. Every time the subject is brought up, the only opinion that is presented is the theistic evolution one. (You may have 100 different names for it.) In your Book Reviews, the books that support the literalist position, or Special Creation, are derided and put down. I'd appreciate it greatly, if something was done to alleviate this misrepresentation, even though it is a minority view and opinion.

Editor's Note: I guess it's true that we see only what we want to; and that it must also be true that we don't see what we don't want to. Apparently reader Chatzivassilion missed the following articles published in the Journal ASA over just the past 6 years (not to mention, of course, the June 1977 issue) which do not take a theistic evolutionary perspective on creation and evolution.

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