Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 28 Number 1    March 1976

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The Relevance of Science html 2 Porter, Sir George Article
Christ and Science html 9 Watts, William W. Article
The Prayer Test html 11 Brush, Stephen G. Article
Meteoric Influx and the Age of the Earth html  14 Phillips, Perry G. Article
UFOs—Food for Thought html 17 Fowler, Raymond E. Article
Look Down the Ringing Grooves html 21 Barnett, Richard S. Article
Psychiatry and Religion: A Miscible Solution html 24 Stone, Joseph Jeffrey Article
Scriptures and Science with a Key to Health html 26 Mixter, Russell Article
Markovian Simulation and the Church Growth Process html 30 Rasmussen, John J. Article
Science Isn't Everything html 33 Bube, Richard H. Article
Every Article Significant html  46 Stapert, John Letter to the Editor
Happy to Correspond html 46 Maclean, Robert C. Letter to the Editor
Exhaulting Occam's Razor into a Law html 46 Barclay, Oliver Letter to the Editor
On Being a Concerned Technologist html 46 Bosscher, James P. Letter to the Editor
Can a Christian Be a Scientist html 47 Schaible, Siegfreid Letter to the Editor
Religion and the Rise of Modern Science: A Reply to D. M. MacKay html 48 Lindberg, David C. Letter to the Editor
Curious Appeal to Galileo html 48 Krause, David J. Letter to the Editor
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