Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 27 Number 2    June 1975

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Planet Earth in Turmoil html 49 Collins, Gary R. Article
Psychology as Scientism: Alienation by Objectivity Part 1: The Growth of the Scientitic Outlook html 55 Andrews, Allan R. Article
Psychology and Christianity: A Substantial Integration html 60 Farnsworth, Kirk E. Article
Christian Authority: A Detriment to Psychological Theory? html 66 Schutz, Samuel R. Article
The Historical Development of Christian Scientific Presuppositions html 69 Reid, W. Stanford Article
The Doctrine of Special Creation Part 2: Catastrophism html 75 Aulie, Richard P. Article
Hemoglobin Structure and the Biogenesis of Proteins Part 2: Significance of Protein Structure to the Biogenesis of Life html 79 Mills, Gordon C. Article
Responses to Poll on Medical Ethetics html 94 Albert, Jerry D. Article
Sorry, Dr. Ramm html 96 Kennedy, J. C. Letter to the Editor
Disapointed with MacKay html 96 Cramer, John A. Letter to the Editor
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