Science in Christian Perspective


A Call for Non-Academic Participation
Richard H. Bube, Editor

From: JASA 27 (March 1975): 1

A glance at the list of Consulting Editors for the Journal ASA on the opposite page reveals that 45% are in academic positions at Christian colleges or seminaries, 45% are in academic positions at other colleges or universities, and 10% are in non-academic positions. A quick survey of the various participants in the publications of the ASA reveals that these figures are representative. One can look almost in vain for participation by scientists in industrial or government laboratory positions dealing with problems of interest to them in the interaction between science and Christian faith.
What do these statistics mean? Several interpretations may be suggested.

1. There are very few Christian scientists in non-academic positions.
2. Most of the Christian scientists in non-academic positions are not members of the ASA.
3. Christian scientists in non-academic positions are not accustomed, or are too busy, to write papers.
4. Christian scientists in academic positions are more interested in theoretical problems that lend themselves to writing, whereas Christian scientists in non-academic positions are more involved with practical problems.

Interpretations 2 and 4 seem the most likely to be responsible for the almost negligible participation by non-academic Christian scientists. It seems to me that the ASA must tap this deep reservoir of insight and practical input which non-academic Christian scientists can contribute. Some of the ethical problems for Christians involved in research are real crunchers; they have to be met almost immediately by action and not by abstract theory alone.

To all readers of this page I urge you to pass along a copy of the Journal ASA with a good word to your non-academic friends. To those of you who are in the non-academic world, may I urge you to share with our readers those things you learn while attempting to live a Christian life while following a career in science or engineering.