Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 26 Number 2    June 1974

The New Testament and Historical Criticism          41    Ferngren, Gary B. Article
The Linguist and Axioms Concerning the Language of Scripture          47    Pike, Kenneth L. Article
Paul, Participles and Parameters          52    Kieft, Raymond N. & Nieboer, Maynard C. Article
Which Books Belong in the Bible?          55    McKowen, Paul M. Article
The Levitical Dietary Laws in the Light of Modern Science          61    Key, Thomas D. S. & Allen, Robert M. Article
The Jewish Family          64    Snarey, John R. Article
Is There a Christian Basis for a Sexual Revolution?          70    Bube, Richard H. & Roy, Rustum Article
The Abstract          87    Geisler, C. Daniel Communication
Catastrophism as God's Direct Action          87    Chin, Terry Communication
Relevance of Astrophysical Calculations [re. Newman, 25.4 p. 146]          87    Cornell, Richard G. Letter to the Editor
Opinion Poll on Medical Ethics in Genetic Therapy and Engineering          88    anon. Communication
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