Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 26 Number 1    March 1974

A Six-Letter Obscenity (Hunger)          1    Ward, Larry Article
Research on Complex Societal Problems          3    Irish, Everett R. Article
Sociobiology and Population Problems: Perspectives          6    Terman, C. Richard Article
Negative Population Growth: A Proposal for Action          13    Canfield, Elizabeth (ed.) & EMKO Newsletter reprint Article
The Future of Our World: Chances of Biblical Eschatology in a Sec          22    Schwarz, Hans Article
The Function of Tongue-Speaking for the Individual: A Psycho-Theo          29    Tappeiner, Daniel A. Article
Abortion Cases [re. 25.3 p. 118]          39    Spinka, Harold Matthew Letter to the Editor
Tree Ring Dating          40    Raaflaub, Vernon A. Communication
Healing, Mysticism and TM          40    Lindskoog, Kathryn Communication
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